Arkansas Medicaid Provider Agreement

Accreditation for procedures, assistant surgeons or length of stay indicates that AFMC has identified medical necessity. It is not said that the patient is eligible for Medicaid coverage. The provider is responsible for verifying the patient`s merits for the service data. The remote site provider should use the GT modifier and place of service 02 for billing CPT or HCPCS codes. The provision of virtual care may include an interdisciplinary care team or be provided by a clinical service provider. You`ll find CPT codes that require prior AFMC approval in your Arkansas Medicaid Provider manual. (section 241,000, page II-77)) These manual manuals and manual updates are distributed by Medicaid to all Arkansas Medicaid providers. To apply for authorization, call AFMC at 800-426-2234 between 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m and 13-5 p.m. Arkansas Medicaid requires certain surgical procedures to be approved by AFMC prior to the implementation of the procedure. Procedures may require authorization, whether in a hospital or outpatient setting. Providers are encouraged to use telemedicine services when face-to-face treatment is not readily available. The following information is required to enable AFMC to conduct an audit of the medical necessity of a pre-authorization procedure: AFMC Precertification number: 800-426-2234AFAFAFTM Telephone check hours: 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

and 1-5 p.m Monday to Friday, except for public holidays. All calls are monitored for quality assurance. The tradesman or organization on the remote site must be a registered Arkansas Medicaid provider. See section 241,000 of the Arkansas Medicaid Provider Manual, page II-77, section 241,000.