Sample Contract Agreement For House Construction Philippines

5. Work begins on January 1, 20. 3. That the CONTRACTOR complete and surround the coffee in question at the contract price and in accordance with plans and specifications 4. That the CONTRACTOR must pay a fine equal to 1% of the contract price for each day of turnover delay. 7. That the owner agree to pay 30% of the contract price at least 5 working days before the scheduled start date in the form of a down payment and the 70% balance payable in identical weekly payments based on the signing date until the expected end of the project. If necessary, additional costs must be borne as needed. (2) The contractor`s obtaining of the necessary building permits is responsible for the purchase of equipment, the recruitment of personnel, the coordination with the architect and the owners with respect to the details of the construction and the approval of the materials. 1.

That the CONTRACTOR agree to renovate and renovate ABC COFFEE SHOP at the price of the pesos contract: 000,000.00 (amount in words). CET ACCORD, made on January 8, 2015, between SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES MEDICAL CENTER, with office address in Bajada, J.P. Laurel, Davao City (hereafter referred to as “ENTITY”) and RIEZL LANDCARE – CONSTRUCTION, with main address in Cor. Mamsa-Tulingan Street Brgy. Wilfredo Aquino, Agdao District, Davao City (`CONTRACTOR`). (8) These 10% of payments to the CONTRACTOR are withheld by the owner as a guarantee of the completion of the work. CONSIDERING that all the work of this project, as covered by this contract, will be completed within 180 (one hundred and eighty), in accordance with the provisions of the specifications. .

Install high-density polypropylene (PP-R) tubes for water pipe installation and install electrical pipes, Lines, boxes, circuit breakers, outlets and electrical supplies for appliances, signage and telephone wires, THAT WE, (contractor name), of age, single/married, resident of (address), assigned as CONTRACTOR and (owner`s name), major, single/married, a resident of (address) and below as owner, engaging and declaring by this: