Jquery Validation Checkbox Agreement

The purpose of the name attribute is to group related control boxes/option fields. Therefore, a group of control boxes acting as a group should have all the same nominal attributes (but each with unique ID attributes). Suppose you have this: I simply created my own note in C# and compared it to my jQuery validation. Now I get to any control box where it appears. If you`re not using C#, you can simply add the class of the item to which it needs to be applied. Another possible cause could be that the field of the control box was not visible. Validation is ignored for all hidden entries. If your control boxes all have identical attributes (“test”, not “test[x]”). I want to create a validation of how I agree with the Terms and Conditions I have created several functions to run the script.

If I added the code to verify that the control box did not disable the class, the check box no longer activates. I want to make this code work because I want to add other control boxes in the validation, for example.B. Legal age, etc. I can`t find out what I did wrong, and I don`t know exactly why the box doesn`t activate anymore. I`ve worked well on a dozen other forms of myself, but none of these forms have control boxes. How can I verify that a control box is enabled with this plugin? I just needed to do the same thing, and I found a simple answer that docs.jquery.com/Plugins/Validation/Methods/minlength#length Remove the notnull class from your control box, and then a box appears I use the jQuery Validate plugin to require that at least one control box be enabled in a group of control boxes. Here`s a configuration example: I have a control box input type in my form, and I want to use jQuery Validation: docs.jquery.com/Plugins/Validation This is the code before adding the toggleDisabledNavButton (target) function I was able to limit the problem to the fact that the input names have in them “] ] which I guess they play with the naming setting.