Moonlighting Agreement

I knew a database analyst who, although promoted to his full-time job, worked on data projects for another company and on weekends in landscaping. When I asked why, his reasons were “uncertainty with the company, the need to improve me and my skills and money.” In addition, he still had student credits to repay, he married and felt stagnant at work. 3) Abuse of company resources: Does the agency employee use working time, software or other company resources to support their undeclared work? When does the employee travel, does he use agency trips to meet customers under the table? See: Directive on Prohibitions of Competition for Employees (Tech Pro Research) If, as an employer, you are concerned that an employee`s part-time work will affect the obligations and responsibilities of your work, you should implement a directive on undeclared work. Not only does a directive on undeclared work control outside employment, but it also prohibits employees from leaving your company to work for a competitor. Our company does not want to exclude its employees from undeclared work.