Subject Verb Agreement Paragraph Worksheet With Answers

Since subjects and verbs are either singular or plural, the subject of a sentence and the verb of a sentence must correspond in number. That is, a singular subject is part of a singular verb form and a plural meeting is part of a plural form. For more information on topics and verbs, see section 2.1 “Letter of Sentences”. Composite subjects combine with and take a plural form. If you have trouble finding the subject and verb in question, try to answer the question asked. In sentences that begin with here or there, the subject follows the verb. These three verification exercises give you the exercise in applying the rules of subject-verb compliance. After completing each exercise, compare your answers with the answers. 8. Man with all the birds (live, live) on my way. 22. The Prime Minister (greets, greets) with his wife the press cordially.

Recognizing the sources of common errors in the subject-verb concordance will help you avoid these errors in your writing. In this section, subject-verb concordance errors are discussed in more detail. Imagine that you are a potential customer and you have seen this ad online. Could you call Terra Services to carry out your next project? Probably not! Errors in the subject-verb agreement can cost a business. The attention to grammatical detail guarantees a professionalism that customers recognize and respect. Write on your own sheet of paper the correct verb for each of the following sentences. Find the right over-compliance of the verb – There is also a paragraph with some misused verbs in it. Add it to the singular form of the third person of regular verbs that end in -sh, -x, -ch, and -s. (I wish I stared at/repaired you, I looked/He looked, I kissed/He kissed.) In this sentence, the class is a collective noun. Although the class is composed of many students, the class is treated as a singular unit and requires a singular verb form.

A collective name is a name that identifies more than one person, place or thing and considers those people, places or things as a single entity. Since collective nouns are counted as one, they are singular and require a singular verb. Some frequently used collective names are group, team, army, herd, family, and class. Word and scripture agreement refers to the correct grammatical correspondence between words and sentences. Parts of sentences must correspond or correspond to other parts in number, person, case and gender. In the paragraph below, identify the six errors in the subject-verb compliance.