Withdrawal Agreement Voting

`application for withdrawal from the European Union` means an application made on behalf of a Minister of the Crown pursuant to article 13(1)(b) of the Withdrawal from the European Union Act 2018; and “allotted day”: a day when the first government activity is the request for withdrawal from the European Union. Later in the day, Conservative MP Anna Soubry urged May to accept Grieve`s amendment: “The prime minister says she wants a meaningful vote on Brexit before we leave the European Union. Even at the last moment, she will be so good that she will accept my right honourable. and Friend [Grieve`s] Amendment No 7 in a spirit of unity for all here and in the country? [24] May rejected the idea, saying: “We have been very clear that we will not launch any legal instrument until this meaningful vote has taken place, but as currently drafted [Grieve`s draft], the amendment states that we should not bring into force any of these agreements and legal instruments until the Withdrawal Agreement and the Implementing Act reach the Code […].